Horace Hamilton

Horace Hamilton grew up near Big Spring, Texas, and was “raised” as a Methodist but was introduced to the church of Christ in my early twenties. I obeyed the Gospel of Jesus Christ through baptism while a student at the University of Texas in Austin.
I have been married to Wenona, My Bride for 55+ years. We have lived in Austin, San Antonio, and in Galveston County prior to moving to Richland Hills in 1980. We have 3 sons and a daughter, plus grandchildren and great grandchildren. I was a Scout leader for several years while our sons were of Scouting age, and later was a city council member in Richland Hills.

We understand everybody needs some compassion from time to time and our family has been on the receiving side of church benevolence when our home was destroyed by tropical storm Claudette just after our insurance lapsed. The generosity of congregations and church members was overwhelming to our family and made a big difference in our lives and our future.
I retired in 2009, after 16 years in medical research and 31 years in laboratory management, and I now serve the Lord and his sheep at Baker Blvd Church of Christ as Christ’s servant and an Elder of this congregation.

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