Don Hazlewood 

I was born on June, 1937, baptized into the church in 1952, enlisted in the Air Force in June 1955.

While home on leave from the Air Force, I met Sharon Collins whose dad, Glenn, was preaching for the Newark congregation. We started corresponding and, while home on leave again, I ask her to marry me.

I was discharged from the Air Force in January 1959 and, in August of that year, Sharon and I married. I lost my job (new owner, relatives as staff) and happened to fill out an application for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I was interviewed, hired and started work in Brownwood, TX. for the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) on a construction survey team.

In 1961 I was transferred to SCS’s Engineering and Watershed Planning Unit (EWPU) in Fort Worth, TX. The EWPU unit obtained a Clary DE-60 “computer” that used wired plug-boards to perform calculations. It was placed by my desk and I was assigned the “care and feeding” of it. This was my introduction to data processing and programming. I worked in Fort Worth for 15 years and was then transferred to Washington, DC, as the Compute Equipment Acquisition analyst. After 3 years in DC I was again transferred, this time to Fort Collins, CO and assigned the title of SCS Agency Liaison to the USDA’s Fort Collins Computer Center. In 1986 I was transferred back to Fort Worth because of health problems (turned out to be a medication problem that a new doctor quickly corrected).

In Fort Worth, I was Head of Programming Services for SCS, supervising a staff of programmers developing (mostly) engineering applications for use across the USA. Then, as the result of a reorganization, I ended up in Portland, OR in the National Artificial Intelligence Lab. I was only there for 6 months when another reorganization sent me back to Fort Collins.

In 1994 I decided I had had as much fun as I could stand so I retired. The agency immediately changed the name to Natural Resources Conservation Service (I’ve often wondered about that). Colorado on a retiree’s annuity is not an easy road to travel so we moved to De Queen, AR. Then, in the early 2000s, we got homesick for Texas and moved to Granbury. While there, our disabled son, Michael, died of a heart attack in Colorado, leaving a huge void in our hearts. In October, 2006, we moved to Wichita, KS to help with a granddaughter just entering elementary school. We stayed there until she went into the seventh grade. We returned to Texas and finally ended up in Richland Hills in December, 2012. We lost a second son in June, 2014, and the void got bigger. I could not ask for a more supportive group than we found here at Baker Blvd. Church of Christ. I accepted the position as elder after much prayer, soul searching and discussion with Sharon, because I believe that, together, we are charged with expanding God’s kingdom.

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